To release nature is only happy

Yalong Bay Guest House Kids Club gorgeous upgrade, the newly built indoor club called "Fantasy Forest", covers an area of ​​650 square meters, the six play area for children bright dazzling cool holiday trip!

Drift bumper cars

Ordinary bumper cars cool upgraded version of the new reverse gear, rapid drifting cool features, so that children in the 90 square meters of passion flying speed!

Fun naughty castle
To tropical forest as the background of the building, obstacles through the drum maneuver, as well as a drop of nearly 3 meters double slide straight colorful ball pool, colorful naughty castle in 389 square meters of the area for the baby to spread the fantasy of forest adventure !

Warriors to expand camp
Covers an area of ​​55 square meters, built double suspended wooden bridge and tire barrier for children aged 10-12 to create a special expansion camp.

Electronic Aquarium
Pick up the brush, your child is a magical horse! New upgraded version of the new electronic aquarium area of ​​27 square meters, with this adjacent multimedia classroom equipped with technology entertainment facilities, technology and creativity to accompany the baby's happy childhood!

Parent-child interaction area
Mini kitchen site production of biscuits, children's reading room Open knowledge of windows and doors, LEGO building blocks of childhood wonderful, happy horse shake the sweet parent-child time! Here, is the ideal paradise for children and your childhood, happiness and growth!