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Happy Family Tour

3 days 2 nights -1,599 yuan/set
Package contents:
1. Enjoy a luxurious pool room for 3 days and 2 nights
2. Enjoy daily 2 large and 1 small buffet breakfast (children 1.4M and below)
3. Qiongzhong Kitchen: Coconut Chicken Hot Pot (2-3 servings) once
4. Book 7 days in advance for free 1 extra bed (without breakfast)
5. Enjoy the trip once (including 5 electronic selected photos, 1 short 10-second video)
6. Free pick-up or drop-off 1 time (choose one)
7. Free KTV singing once every 2 hours
8. Give a welcome drink coupon (receive at the reception desk with reservation information)
9. Enjoy the hotel's 650㎡ oversized children's club

Rules of use:
  • Universal within the product validity period (price increase depends on hotel room status adjustment)
  • Price increase:
  • During National Day: 9.30 and 10.7 increase of 100 yuan/night. Between 10.1-10.6 increase of 400 yuan/night.
  • High season: 11.1-12.29 markup 100 yuan/night.
  • This product is limited to the purchase or gift to relatives and friends, to prevent secondary sales. Once any channel is found for secondary sales, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation without refund.
  • Up to 10 copies per person
Sale date 2020.7.1-2020.8.31
Date of use 2020.7.1-2020.12.29