【Light luxury golf 1-3nihgts】

Deluxe Pool View Room 2 days & 1 night, RMB1,388Deluxe Pool View Room 3 days & 2 nights, RMB2,988Deluxe Pool View Room 4 days & 3 nights, RMB3,688Package Content:  Deluxe Pool...

【Fun Family Package 2-3 nights】

Fun Family Package - 3days & 2nights,RMB1,499 yuan/set
Fun Family Package - 4days & 3nights,RMB2,199 yuan/setPackage Content:Deluxe Pool View Room.Daily buffet breakfast for 2 adults and 1...

【Official website special package 2-4nights (Breakfast excluded)】

Special Offer Package - 3days & 2nights ,RMB1,199 yuan/set
Special Offer Package - 4days & 3nights ,RMB1,699 yuan/set
Special Offer Package - 5days & 4nights ,RMB2,199 yuan/set


【Cool Summer Package Trip 1-2nights】

Cool Summer Trip Package - 2days & 1nights,RMB899 yuan/setCool Summer Trip Package - 3days & 2nights,RMB1,999 yuan/setPackage Content:1 night with Superior Room.(exclusive for 1 night)2 nights...

【Enjoyable and Luxury Villa Package 2-3 Nights】

Enjoyable and Luxury Villa - 3days & 2nights,RMB3,499yuan/setEnjoyable and Luxury Villa - 4days & 3nights,RMB4,699yuan/setPackage Content:Garden View Pool Villa.Daily buffet breakfast for...

【Villa buy one get ten package】

Villa Exclusive Package - Buy One Get 10 Free,RMB2,999yuan/setPackage Content:1 night with Garden View Pool Bed Villa. Free:
1 night with Garden View Pool Bed Villa.Includes daily buffet...

【All Inclusive Package 2-3nights】

All Inclusive Package - 3days & 2nights, RMB2,088yuan/set
All Inclusive Package - 4days & 3nights, RMB2,988yuan/setPackage Content:Deluxe Pool View Room.Daily 2 buffet breakfasts for...

【DATO Family Package 2-4 nights】

DATO Family Package - 3days & 2nights, RMB2,599yuan/set
DATO Family Package - 4days & 3nights, RMB3,399yuan/set
DATO Family Package - 5days & 4nights, RMB4,199yuan/set


【Family Fun Package 2-4nights】

Family Fun Package - 3days & 2nights, RMB2,199 yuan/set
Family Fun Package - 4days & 3nights, RMB2,999 yuan/set
Family Fun Package - 5days & 4nights, RMB3,799 yuan/set

【Romantic Selection Couple Package 2-4 nights 】

【Romantic Selection】Couple Package - 3days & 2nights, RMB2,499yuan/set
【Romantic Selection】Couple Package - 4days & 3nights, RMB3,299yuan/set【Romantic Selection】Couple Package - 5days &...

【Worry-free Self-driving with BMW Mini 2-4nights】

Worry-free Self-driving with BMW Mini -- 3days & 2nights, 1,999yuan/set
Worry-free Self-driving with BMW Mini -- 4days & 3nights, 2,899yuan/setWorry-free Self-driving with BMW Mini -- 5days...