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Palace  Resort has  the  only  Ocean  Blue Restaurant in  Yalong  Bay  area,  where  offers all  guests  ultra-romantic  dining  experience. Through  the  grand  glass  wall,  the restaurant provides the display for the colorful underwater world as well as the unique experience  of  dining  alongside  a  flurry  of  tropical  fish.  The  restaurant  features  the cutting edge seafood, traditional Chinese cuisine, and classic European barbecue. To make  every  guests  enjoy  the  elaborate  culinary  art,  all  top  chefs  are  relentlessly pursuing to serve the most delicious array of cuisines through 4 open kitchens. More surprisingly, serving the breakfast with more than a hundred choice of dining, Ocean Blue Restaurant will make your day with the joyful mealtime.

 Location: Main Building 1F

Reservation Line: 0898-88718888-6172/6173.