Sanya Yalong Bay Guest House

Palace Resort Yalong Bay, Sanya is the center of Yalong Bay.

The hotel faces the most beautiful coast of South China, which stretches 7 kilometers of sand and white waves. It is adjacent to Yalong Bay Love Cube Beach, Sanya Art Center and the largest cinema in Yalong Bay. It is only a stone's throw from Baihuagu Town Fengqing Commercial Street and Yatai Commercial Center.

The hotel is built by the internationally renowned top design company Gensler. All art exhibitions are famous and unique. The giant LED lighting in the lobby is a rare alien shaped light array in China, creating an interactive visual feast from five sides.

The hotel has 338 rooms, 74 over 80 square meters of oversized lake view rooms and 53 independent villas, 1 presidential villa and 13 villas. The rooms are equipped with a 55-inch curved LCD TV and KingKoil sleep mattress for a healthy and comfortable holiday experience.

Ocean Blue Restaurant, led by the chef of the Dubai Seven Star Sailing Hotel, is dedicated to the world's finest food, where the breakfast is enjoyed by the in-house guests; the 3,000-square-meter seven-color Symphony Pool breaks the intrinsic blue tradition and gives the sport a new passion and definition.

9-meter-high water interactive complex "pirate ship", 650 square meters large indoor children's club built colorful naughty castle, warrior expansion camp, drift bumper car, passion climbing area, electronic aquarium, parent-child interaction area six play areas, for children璀璨 Start a cool holiday trip!