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Qiongzhong Kitchen

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Qiongzhong Kitchen is located on the bank of Longtan Lake. The architecture of the main building is featured by the building style of Li ethnic group. The master chefs cook for you tantalizing Hainan style dishes with original taste and flavor among beautiful waters and mountains.

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Authentic Hainan cuisine emphasizes freshness of materials, variation of cooking methods and catering to dietary habits of the customers. The flavors presented by Qiongzhong Kitchen represent not only an inheritance of the traditional and classical dishes, but also innovation and combination of the individualized preferences of the customers.

  • 琼式红烧甲鱼
  • 鲍鱼炖文昌鸡椰子盅
  • 槟榔花炖老鸭
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Location:On the bank of Longtan Lake
Business Hour:18:00--21:30
Reservation Hotline:0898 - 88718888 - 4041


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