Palace Resort Yalong Bay - Sanya, Hainan, 572000, China

Management Team

Mr. Kim B. Andersen, General Manager of Palace Resort, is proficient in Danish, English, German and French, with a consistent track record gained in countries or regions like Denmark, Germany, USA, UK, Australia, U.A.E., Namibia, Bahrain, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

The local resort does not have any political background and is not a state-owned enterprise. What it has is a strong international management team. Every manager of the resort has extensive experience working for international five-star hotels.

At least 50% of employees holding management positions are of a foreign nationality. They bring with them the meticulousness of the Danes, the rigour of Germans, the passion of Indians and the thoughtfulness of Sri Lankans.

They have rich experience and outstanding performance in Hospitality Industry. 

This international all-star team provides the backbone for the best resort. Let us see the magical results as East and West combine!


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