Palace Resort Yalong Bay - Sanya, Hainan, 572000, China


  • 亚龙湾

There is an old saying, “A sea which once lost its beauty has returned to Sanya, and no bay can be considered a bay as long as it is not Yalong Bay.”

Yalong Bay, a crescent bay located at the southern-most tip of Hainan, is renowned for its 7-km white beach, clear blue waters that offer 7-9m of visibility and 50-60m wide natural shallow area. Yalong Bay has remained the top island destination.

Palace Resort Yalong Bay is located right at the centre of this “Bay of the World”.

  • 图腾柱

Located at the bustling centre of the Yalong Bay National Resort Area, Palace Resort Yalong Bay is connected to the Yalong Bay Central Square in the South. A 26.8m totem pole stands right in front of the resort, representing the highest point of the plaza and marking the Yalong Bay tourist centre.

  • 百花谷

La Floret Commercial Street, the Yalong Bay’s busiest commercial street, can be found In the west. This commercial street offers diverse shopping, entertainment and dining options, and are owned by Huayu Group same as Palace Resort Yalong Bay.

  • 百花谷
  • 百花谷_4

You are able to find popular dining franchises here such as Starbucks, Burger King, Little Sheep, Hagen-Dazs, Honeymoon Dessert and so on.

  • 百花谷进驻商家


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