Palace Resort Yalong Bay - Sanya, Hainan, 572000, China

Fashion Facility

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A starry sky, aurora borealis, an underwater world... Presented across 53 independent, yet integrated lightboxes. This is the largest 3D LED light display in the country. It is sensual, mysterious and unpredictable.

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The idea of the Colorful Swimming Pool came from Nam Hyo Jun, a young Korean artist who grew up in Japan and is now working in the arts industry in Shanghai.

  • 幻彩泳池
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Using the rainbow as a theme and mosaic as the main components, he create a mesmerising and dynamic swimming pool, making the 3,000 square metre pool more than just a functional accessory of the hotel. It is art in which everyone can dive in.

  • 幻彩泳池
  • 幻彩泳池
  • 幻彩泳池
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